Best Christmas Pyjama picks

I am one of those people who gets overly festive every year when it comes to Christmas, and festive pyjamas are one of my favourite things to buy every year (yes, every year). Here I have put together my favourite festive lingerie, loungewear and nightwear picks currently available on the high street and online. Happy shopping!




Let’s start tacky, because tacky is encouraged at Christmas, and I feel like everyone loves Elf, so I think New Look have got their festive nightwear spot on this year. I am yet to actually watch Elf this year but when I do I can guarantee I will be wearing this set, and my Santa slippers, and if I can think of anything else festive I’ll probably wear that too (a hat maybe?).screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-16-27-16

I’m not usually one for slogans when it comes to clothes and nightwear, but I feel like this one is just so spot on. For me, it’s pies over guys all year round. Get this boohoo set here.


For those who like their seasonal nightwear slightly more understated, I think this burgundy two piece from Missguided is simply lovely. So flattering too!



Okay, these aren’t technically pj’s, but you can understand why I included them in this post. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear santa on their feet on Christmas morning‚Ķ.


I don’t know if this Calvin Klein set is trying to be festive, but it is, and it’s amazing. I feel slightly like a slutty Santa, but it’s fine, I can deal with that.


And lastly, this ridiculously cute set from Boux Avenue. Boux always have such a good range of festive pyjamas, and this year this set is my absolutely favourite. So bloody cute.



Nelly x